BayesStripAlign 1.3 update: many fixes and improvements

BayesStripAlign version 1.3 for both Windows and MacOS 64-bit was released on Sept 19, 2016. This update features significant improvements and many fixes.

New features:
– Color JPEG output option for QC, with multiple color maps
– Human-readable absolute QC text report
– File lists to address the Windows 8191-character command line limit
– Support for LAS 1.4 extended channel
– User-selectable classes for ground filtering
– The UTM zone can be fixed, useful across boundaries

Major improvement:
– New generic internal sensor model for more effective corrections

Other updates and fixes:
– More reliable GPS week determination
– Automatic rollover correction for trajectory files
– Fixed vertical flip in QC images and world files
– Improved LAS 1.4 compatibility

Release notes available on Google BayesMap User Group.

To request a 30-day free trial license, follow these instructions. Licenses are node-locked, so you will need to run a small executable to get a signature file, then sign a EULA document on PandaDoc, so we can send you a license file and download link.