Roadmap for custom, high-performance LiDAR processing software:

BayesStripAlign LiDAR processing software package


Maximize the geometric accuracy of point clouds

Perform strip adjustment faster and more accurately than existing software using an advanced, spatially adaptive algorithm. No need to filter the data, as the approach is robust to vegetation, buildings and noise.

V 2.24 [Win, Linux, MacOS] available

BayesWavEx LiDAR processing software package


Get more information from raw data

Extract range data from raw waveform files. Get more points and more accurate results even at high altitude and in difficult cases with low vegetation. High throughput achieved using efficient algorithms and an optimized implementation.

V 1.5 [Win, Linux, MacOS] available

BayesCloudChange LiDAR processing software package


Perform rigorous, reliable change detection

Quickly map the statistically significant changes from two point clouds collected under various conditions, with different sensors, data density and quality. This package can process both airborne and terrestrial scans.

BayesAccuGrid LiDAR processing software package


Produce high quality digital elevation models

Obtain accurate gridded products and error maps thanks to our innovative reconstruction, interpolation and ground filtering methods. Manage uncertainty through rigorous error propagation.

    These packages are now in the pre-production phase.
Please contact us if you are interested in features and capabilities not listed.

Key advantages

  • All software packages can be purchased and run independently – no hidden dependencies
  • Free 30-day evaluation period (fully functional products): request a demo license
  • Computationally efficient implementation, multi-core support
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) 64-bit
  • Simple command-line interface minimizes training cost and time
  • Compatible with major cloud computing platforms
  • Flexible floating licenses
  • Ready for batch processing and production pipeline integration
  • Compatible with other LiDAR processing software: read/write LAS/LAZ/TXTTIFF formats
  • Full email support included in subscription; remote calibration, testing and consulting available

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