Node-locked license costs per software package, as of Jan 15, 2018:
License type1 Lease period Reference cost2 Support3,4
Trial 1 month free 5 BD
Academic/research 2-12 months contact us 4 BD
Production, standard 1-3 years contact us 2 BD
Production, fast lane 1-3 years contact us 1 BD
Production, monthly 1 month contact us 1 BD
Site-wide license costs per software package:
License type1 Lease period Reference cost2 Support3,4
Unlimited Academic 1-3 years contact us 3 BD
Unlimited Production 1-3 years contact us 1 BD

1 Demo licenses are for testing only (production not allowed). Government institutions fall into either Academic or Production categories depending on the type of use: Academic/research is for research-only and allows for multiple licenses within the same research team. Unlimited academic includes as many licenses as needed for research and teaching.
2 Let’s find together which solution works best for you. Bulk discount available, e.g. 20% off second license of same package. Various discounts may be applied, please check with us for eligibility. Up to 20% discount depending on the corporate social responsibility of the licensee. Prices are without tax and transfer fees and subject to change.
3 BD stands for request processing time in business days (restrictions apply). Customer support refers to email communications to help use the existing software packages. Fast lane clients are given top priority.
4 There is a limit of 5 hours of support per year. If more support is needed, contact us for training or consulting services. Discounted prices available when purchasing 5-hour packages.

How to get a demo license for any software package:
  • Download the host ID utility zlmhostid (see below)
  • Run the executable, it will generate a text file hostid.txt (in the same directory)
  • Email us the text file hostid.txt to with your full name, job title and affiliation including address and country
  • You will receive a link to a PandaDoc license agreement to sign electronically
  • Upon receipt, we will send you a 30-day node-locked trial license file with download and install instructions.
Host ID utility zlmhostid download:
  • Windows (64-bit) [96 KB]
    SHA-256 (file zlmhostid.exe):
  • Mac OS X (64-bit) [54 KB]
    SHA-256 (file zlmhostid):

warningicon Some antivirus software such as Avast may block the executable, if it happens you need to exclude the directory from scanning.

To verify the integrity of the downloaded executable, you can use this online hash generator and select the SHA-256 checksum type. You can also use the command line:

  • Windows: powershell get-filehash -algorithm sha256 [file]
  • Mac: shasum -a 256 [file]
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