How to get a demo license for any software package:
  • Fill out the demo request form
  • Then we will send a 30-day floating license with download and install instructions
  • By using the software, the user automatically agrees to the terms of the EULA

BayesMap software packages are sold as subscriptions, and licenses are floating, platform independent, and hosted on a reliable cloud server.

Subscriptions include not only updates and fixes, but also major feature updates, custom support, feature requests and also a few hours of consulting or training, or testing on specific datasets.

Types of subscriptions available:
License type1 Lease period Reference cost2 Support3,4
Trial 1 month free 5 BD
Production, standard 1-3 years contact us 2 BD
Production, fast lane 1-3 years contact us 1 BD
Production, monthly 1 month contact us 1 BD
Site-wide licenses:
License type1 Lease period Reference cost2 Support3,4
Unlimited Academic 1-3 years contact us 5 BD
Unlimited Production 1-3 years contact us 1-2 BD

1 Demo licenses are for testing only (production not allowed). Government institutions fall into either Academic or Production categories depending on the type of use: Academic/research is for research-only and allows for multiple licenses within the same research team. Unlimited academic includes as many licenses as needed for research and teaching.

2 Let’s find together which solution works best for you. Bulk discount available, e.g. 20% off second license of same package. Various discounts may be applied, please check with us for eligibility. Up to 20% discount depending on the corporate social responsibility of the licensee. Prices are without tax and transfer fees and subject to change.

3 BD stands for request processing time in business days (restrictions apply). Customer support refers to email communications to help use the existing software packages. Fast lane clients are given top priority.

4 There is a limit of 5 hours of support per year. If more support is needed, contact us for training or consulting services. Discounted prices available when purchasing 5-hour packages.


End User License Agreement (EULA):

When requesting a demo license or paying an invoice, the user automatically agrees to a specific EULA depending on package and license type:

  Demo Production Academic
BayesStripAlign EULA_SA_D.pdf EULA_SA_P.pdf EULA_SA_A.pdf
BayesWavEx EULA_WE_D.pdf EULA_WE_P.pdf EULA_WE_A.pdf
Our software and technology are protected by a software escrow

A software escrow account has been set up with EscrowTech to ensure clients have an uninterrupted access to the software packages included in their subscription. Check EULA for more details.