A new version of our efficient waveform processing software was released on 11/5/18. Version 1.1 beta can now process SDF files directly from Riegl scanners 560, 680, 780 and even 1560! (Riegl export to SDF required for V-line scanners)

Here are the new capabilities and added features:

  • Direct decoding of Riegl SDF files (scanner types 560 to 1560)
  • Single pass decoding, processing, georeferencing, LAS output
  • Automatic MTA (multiple times around) resolution
  • Optimal pre-calibrated sensor parameters
  • Channel fusion and pulse ordering

More info on the BayesWavEx page including link to PDF documentation.


  • Fast processing without intermediate files: supply a list of SDF files, the PO file (trajectory and attitude data) and optional geometric calibration data and the LAS/LAZ 1.4 files, LASindex and stats are automatically generated.
  • Compatible with StripAlign
  • Scan options to quickly diagnose issues without actually extracting returns
  • Fast extraction options to generate point clouds for visual inspection
  • Optional on the fly georeferencing, all Transverse Mercator projections supported, feet or m


Example of extraction from SDF (collected in Portugal in 2011), color-coded elevation and intensity overlay, 1 cm rel. accuracy on flat surfaces:

BayesWavEx 1.1 beta released!