BayesStripAlign 2.1 is available now and comes with an updated manual.

Fast & accurate large scale swath alignment in difficult situations, including some UAV cases, for the most advanced airborne scanners! The new version fixes a few issues, adds new features and performance improvements.

New features include:

  • Automatic High frequency trajectory/attitude drift correction period
  • More rigorous multi-channel corrections
  • SBET file update to help with photo georeferencing
  • 16-bit TIFF support and large QC map tiling
  • Support for geoids and LCC projections (most US state planes)
  • Better UAV and elliptical scanner compatibility
  • LASlib updated to version 190417

Since version 2.12:

  • PulseWaves correction capability: will align any PLS/PLZ pulse file if it corresponds to one of the swaths (same name and time format)
  • Support for South-oriented TM projections
  • Improved trajectory corrections stats
  • Enhanced corrections and registration data on swath boundaries
RGB correction raster before and after V 2.12 showing more vector data on boundaries

Follow these instructions for a free 30-day trial!
(full software, time limit only, no production during trial period)

The manual can be downloaded freely, it highlights all the new features, lists all commands and options and also contains many command line examples including a workshop with multiple missions and channels. It contains hyperlinks, please make sure you have a compatible reader.

BayesStripAlign 2.1 is available!