BayesStripAlign 1.2 released

BayesStripAlign version 1.2 for both Windows and MacOS 64-bit was released on Feb 10, 2016. This version includes a number of bug fixes and improvements.

New features – calibration:
– Multichannel sensors such as Riegl Q1560 can be used
– Arbitrary geometry (not only parallel or perpendicular lines)
– Scan angle scale estimation
– Faster processing

Improvements – alignment:
– Discard non-parallel swaths and curved trajectories automatically
– More accurate and robust local correction propagation
– Optimized multi-channel correction
– Hill-shading added to QC

To request a 30-day free trial license, follow these instructions. Licenses are node-locked, so you will need to run a small executable to get a signature file, then sign a EULA document on PandaDoc, so we can send you a license file and download link.