BayesStripAlign 1.0 [Mac OS] available now

The first version of the strip alignment package, BayesStripAlign 1.0, has been released. It’s a Mac OS only version, with a basic (yet fully functional) command line interface, and the Windows version will follow very soon.

It features automatic absolute and relative calibration (boresight and y-leverarm), and original local swath registration and geometric correction capabilities. It accepts LAS or LAZ files, SBET, POF or text trajectories, and has been tested on large projects in various cases – from small calibration cross-flights to 15-billion point, 100-swath collects. Robust to vegetation and outliers, it allows the user to reach a relative accuracy of 2 cm RMS (or even better than 1 cm in some cases). Vertical difference maps and histograms, before and after correction, are also provided for a quick and easy relative quality control.

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